Meine Freundinnen Lemonia und Juuli

Meine Freundinnen heißen Lemonia und Juuli. Sie sind neun Jahre alt.

Sie wohnen in Tampere, in Finnland.

Sie spielen Basketball und Klavier. Ihre Hobbys sind Basketball und Klavier spielen.

Wir lachen zusammen. Sie sind super freundlich.

von Aliisa 3a, im März 2017

Recycling in Finland

In Finland we recycle:



plastic bottles: you get money when you take them back to the shop, they are used again


electronics: shops take old gadgets back when you buy a new one




We sort out biowaste and batteries, too but they are not recycled. Toxic waste like paint is also sorted out separately.

We also try to save water. Different flushing for number one and number two are becoming more and more popular.
In traffic we have more electronic cars like Tesla and vehicles that use biofuel. Led lamps have become more popular, too.

At school we sort out paper, cardboard and biowaste.

By 5a in January 2017

Christmas Meal in Finland

Christmas Meal in Finland

We have our main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve at 5 pm. We have ham and all sorts of casseroles – potato, carrot, swede, liver and macaroni casserole. Casseroles are made in the oven. We also have rice porridge – sometimes already in the morning. Rice porridge is made with milk. It can be eaten with milk or with plum pudding. Plum pudding can also be eaten with milk or whipped cream. We also eat pies / cakes in the shape of a star, grown-ups drink coffee. Chocolates are important, too.

On 15th December, 2016

Finnland und Deutschland

Finnland                                              Deutschland

Finnland hat drei                                 Deutschland hat mehr Nachbarländer,

Nachbarländer: Russland,                  insgesamt neun.

Schweden und Norwegen.

Finnland ist ein bisschen kleiner als   Deutschland ist ein bisschen größer als Deutschland.                                       Finnland.

Finnland hat ungefähr 5.5                   Deutschland hat ungefähr 81 Millionen

Millionen Einwohner.                           Einwohner.

Die Hauptstadt von Finnland              Die Hauptstadt von Deutschland ist

ist Helsinki. Die Städte in Finnland     Berlin. Es gibt viele Großstädte in

sind kleiner als in Deutschland.          Deutschland.

Der höchste Berg Finnlands ist          Der höchste Berg Deutschlands ist

der Halti.                                             die Zugspitze. Die Zugspitze ist viel

höher als der Halti.

Der größte See Finnlands ist             Der größte See Deutschlands ist

der Saimaa See.                                der Bodensee.


Finland vs. the UK

The United Kingdom has a much bigger population than Finland. But Finland is  bigger areawise.

Children wear school uniforms in the UK. They start school younger. Their lunch breaks are longer but they have to pay for lunch or bring a lunch box from home. They have more clubs in the UK.

The UK is warmer than Finland. It doesn’t have a proper winter. But houses are warmer in Finland: they have a central heating system.

Wild animals in Finland are more dangerous than in the UK.

There are lots of forests in Finland. There are many lakes in Finland, too.

The United Kingdom is more famous than Finland: for London, football, music, fish and chips.

By 6b

Finland vs. the UK

The population of Finland is smaller than that of the UK. Finland is bigger than the UK.

Finland has the euro whereas the UK has the pound. The pound is more valuable than the euro.

The United Kingdom is more famous than Finland. Finland is famous for sauna and black pudding / sausage.

The capital city of the United Kingdom is London, and it’s much bigger than Helsinki. The traffic in London is much more terrible than the traffic in Helsinki.

The climate in Finland is much colder than that of the UK. In Finland people need to wear thicker clothes, and the houses need to be warmer than in the UK. The weather in the UK is wetter.

Finnish people drink a lot of coffee. British people like tea better.

Finland has more lakes than the UK.

Finland has more dangerous animals than the UK: bears, wolves, foxes and lynxes. There are foxes in the UK.

By 6a



Our Hobbies

Janina goes riding once a week on Mondays. She has gone riding for two months. Sella likes cooking and baking cakes. Demetrio plays the guitar. He’s been playing for a month. He used to play volleyball. Niki does skateboarding almost every day. Kasper does parkour just about everywhere twice a week. Joonas plays tennis once a week. He’s played tennis for two years. Joonas plays the guitar, too. He’s played for a year and a half. Arttu plays football three times a week. Lionel Messi is Arttu’s favourite player. He plays in Barcelona. Rene plays icehockey four times a week. He’s played for four years in Tappara Icehockey Team. Miantsa likes watching animated films. Olivia plays tennis. She’s played for six years. Eino plays football. He’s played for four years. His favourite player is Paul  Pogba. He plays in Juventus, in Italy. Oskari plays with his friends a game which is similar to football. Janika goes riding, too, just like her sister Janina. Janika has been riding for a month.

On the 23rd of September, 2015

By Class 6a