Enea from Italy

Enea from Italy was in our Teams lesson on 1st April, 2020 during the worldwide lockdown due to the corona virus.

Enea is fifteen years old. He lives near Bologne. He has a little sister and a younger brother. Enea likes music: he plays the guitar and the piano. He also likes watching basketball, though he doesn’t play himself. He does do sports, though. He does boxing and stunt biking. He likes spending time outdoors in parks in fresh air and enjoying the sunny and beautiful Italian weather.

Enea also likes going to the centre of Bologne. Bologne is famous for her towers, schools and the university, which is one of the oldest in Europe. Enea’s favourite city, though, is Milan in northern Italy. Milan is beautiful with beautiful parks. You can go bikeriding there and use the excellent public transportation.

The best thing about Italy, though, is the good food – pasta and pizza. Pizza margherita is Enea’s favourite. The best cook in Enea’s family is the grandmother. Enea goes to have lunch at his grandparents’ house every day after school. Though not at the moment: during the six-week lockdown Enea hasn’t been able to see his grandparents at all and therefore, hasn’t been able to enjoy his grandmother’s excellent cooking either.

Thank you Enea for the interview (and for skipping your maths class for us). We hope you can see your grandparents soon.

Class 6a



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