Visitors from São João do Estoril, Cascais, Portugal

Principal José Loureiro visited Tampere and Lamminpää School with his wife Cristina and daughter Joana on 8th August, 2019

Principal Matti Taimi and Lamminpää School received many presents: a book about Cascais, a book about the 50 years of Escola Secundária S. João do Estoril and a medal

The guests got to see the first school day of the 1st grade – they were probably as excited and nervous as the 1st grade pupils. The more nervous they got when they heard that they would be playing baseball and floorball with pupils from 6a. They got a bit more relaxed when they realized that they would just be watching and trying them out. Principal Loureiro and Joana managed to hit the ball in baseball straight away!! It turned out they had both played a lot of ballgames. In the canteen, they tasted Finnish school food, fish fingers.

In the afternoon, they saw lots of churches – Messukylä Old Church, Kaleva Church and Tuomiokirkko the Cathedral – along with Näsinneula Observation Tower and Milavida Museum.

On Friday the 9th, they visited the very modern Finnish International School of Tampere in the city centre, where they met with Principal Ulla Hiltunen. They also visited the more traditional Svenska Samskolan, where they met with Principal Ronny Holmqvist and the Head of Daycare Maria Välimäki. Principal Loureiro and his family were very impressed with all the wonderful schools we have here in Tampere and wish to thank all their hosts. In Fista and Svenska Samskolan the guests heard about foreign language tuition and the position of the Swedish speaking minority here in Finland. Portugal has lots of immigrants but no minority such as the Swedish speaking in Finland. They found the cooking and the crafts classrooms very interesting, too. These subjects used to taught in Portugal but aren’t anymore.

On Friday afternoon Anne Lintula gave the guests a tour on the surroundings of the rapids with insight into the history of our textile industry. Portugal used to have a lot of textile industry as well, but mainly in Central and Northern Portugal, not in the Lisbon area. After the history tour, Joana got her wish and was able to go on the many rides of Särkänniemi.

On Saturday, the Loureiro family took a train to Helsinki where they visited the Temple Square Church and the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum. On Sunday they took a boat trip out in the sea.

On Monday, the family moved on to Saint Petersburg in Russia, which – curiously enough – has a very strong connection with Tampere, as we learned in Milavida. The people along with the money that founded Tampere and her factories came via St. Petersburg, though the people were not Russian as such.

On behalf of the City of Tampere, I wish to express our deepest thanks to Principal Loureiro and his wife Cristina and daughter Joana for their visit and their lovely presents. You are most welcome to visit us again, any time. The invitation includes other school staff members and students, too.

Muito obrigado, Diretor Loureiro, Dona Cristina e Joana pela visita e pelos presentes. Sejam cordialmente bem-vindos outra vez. Beijinhos e abraços.

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