Finland vs. the UK

The population of Finland is smaller than that of the UK. Finland is bigger than the UK.

Finland has the euro whereas the UK has the pound. The pound is more valuable than the euro.

The United Kingdom is more famous than Finland. Finland is famous for sauna and black pudding / sausage.

The capital city of the United Kingdom is London, and it’s much bigger than Helsinki. The traffic in London is much more terrible than the traffic in Helsinki.

The climate in Finland is much colder than that of the UK. In Finland people need to wear thicker clothes, and the houses need to be warmer than in the UK. The weather in the UK is wetter.

Finnish people drink a lot of coffee. British people like tea better.

Finland has more lakes than the UK.

Finland has more dangerous animals than the UK: bears, wolves, foxes and lynxes. There are foxes in the UK.

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