Our Hobbies

Janina goes riding once a week on Mondays. She has gone riding for two months. Sella likes cooking and baking cakes. Demetrio plays the guitar. He’s been playing for a month. He used to play volleyball. Niki does skateboarding almost every day. Kasper does parkour just about everywhere twice a week. Joonas plays tennis once a week. He’s played tennis for two years. Joonas plays the guitar, too. He’s played for a year and a half. Arttu plays football three times a week. Lionel Messi is Arttu’s favourite player. He plays in Barcelona. Rene plays icehockey four times a week. He’s played for four years in Tappara Icehockey Team. Miantsa likes watching animated films. Olivia plays tennis. She’s played for six years. Eino plays football. He’s played for four years. His favourite player is Paul  Pogba. He plays in Juventus, in Italy. Oskari plays with his friends a game which is similar to football. Janika goes riding, too, just like her sister Janina. Janika has been riding for a month.

On the 23rd of September, 2015

By Class 6a


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