Our Hobbies

Erik plays basketball four times a week. Jere plays computer games. Samuel plays football four or five times a week. The Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo is Samuel’s favourite: he plays in Real Madrid. Ville plays computer games. Katariina does gymnastics three or four times a week. Meri-Tuuli plays PlayStation. Roni plays football from five to seven times week. He goes to tournaments almost every weekend. Lionel Messi is Roni’s favourite player: he plays in Barcelona. Roosa likes eating and watching TV. Joni plays floorball from three to five times a week. Toni is Joni’s twin brother and he plays floorball in the same team. Sini loves being with her friends: they do a bit of everything. Nelli goes snowboarding: she goes to Ellivuori Ski Center. Saana is a very good singer. Onni does tricking. Johannes plays the drums, he swims and he does parkour. Ato plays football two or three times a week. He goes to tournaments, too. Ato’s favourite player is the Barcelona player Suarez.

On the 23rd of September, 2015

By Class 6b


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