Our Home Town Tampere

There is an amusement park here in Tampere. It’s called Särkänniemi. There is an observation tower there, too, Näsinneula. The other observation tower is called Pyynikin näkötorni: they sell the best doughnuts. There is also a shopping centre in the centre of Tampere. It’s called Koskikeskus. There are many hotels in Tampere. There are many sports fields and stadiums in Tampere. There are three icehalls in Tampere. Tampere is famous for her market places. There is a bus station and a railway station in Tampere. There are two big cinemas in Tampere. There is a spa in Tampere, Lapinniemi. There are two big hospitals in Tampere. There are many chuches in Tampere. There are many cinemas, cafés, restaurants in Tampere: Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Belgian, French, Russian. Our speciality is ”mustamakkara”, the black pudding / sausage. There are no skyscrapers in Tampere.

There are rapids in the centre of Tampere called Tammerkoski. Tammerkoski Rapids combines the two biggest lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. There is a lot of nature in Tampere, too. There are many birds here: seagulls, owls, woodpeckers, ducks. There is a lot of forest in Tampere with many paths. There are many trees in the forests e.g. birches, spruces, and pines. Tampere is famous for her lakes. There are so many lakes that we can’t remember how many there are. There is no sea in Tampere. There are hills here but no mountains. There are no moose, wolves, or bears in the city. Sometimes the moose and the foxes can come into the city. There are ponies in the centre, in Tallipiha, and there is a zoo at Särkänniemi.

Tampere is much better than Helsinki, cheaper and more beautiful.

By Class 5b on 25th May, 2015



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