6b is thankful for:

family, grandparents, friends, peace, pets, health, home, loudspeakers, riding, floorball, football, computers, independence, holidays, icehockey, a bed, doctors, and good food.

On 28th November, 2014.


Class 3b is thankful for:

family, friends, grandparents, brothers, sisters, life, food, home, happiness, school, pets, animals, football, baseball, music, dancing, icehockey, icecream, and snow (if we had any).

On 27th November, 2014.


Class 6a is thankful for:

family, friends, home, health, free health care, food, football, skiing, parents, grandparents, school, peace, music, pets, dancing, snow (if we had any), money, happiness, and singing.

On 26th November, 2014.

Thanksgiving: 5b

Class 5b is thankful for

family, friends, pets, cats, dogs, sports, hobbies, football, tennis, music, cameras, health, home, school, teachers, the new plasma TV, phones, food, money, and peace.


My Favourite Film: Lilo & Stitch

I like a film which is called Lilo & Stitch. It’s an animated film. Lilo is a little girl who lives in Hawaii with her big sister. Lilo adopts a little puppy, and gives it a name, Stitch. But Stitch is not a puppy. He’s a dangerous alien.

I like this film because it’s so colorful, nice and funny. Some parts of the movie are exciting, but still Lilo & Stitch is a peaceful and instructive movie. Lilo is alone, and other girls tease her. Fortunately,  Lilo thinks that it’s okay to be different. When Lilo gets Stitch, Stitch is wild. Then Lilo teaches him, and Stitch becomes nice and decent. They play and have fun together, until aliens try to get Stitch back. In the end Stitch stays in Hawaii with Lilo and the others.

The movie tells about friendship, love and being different. Lilo & Stitch is a great and instructive movie. The age limit is 7, and the movie is made by Disney.

By Ilona 6b

My Favourite Film: Twilight

My favourite film is Twilight. It is a story about a girl, Bella, who falls in love with vampire called Edward. Bella moves from a big city to a small village. She is seventeen years old. At school she meets Edward. For Edward Bella is irresistible but he does want to harm her. He tries to avoid her but they are drawn to each other. They fall in love. A girl and a vampire.

Edward always helps Bella when she is in danger. Some vampires want to drink Bella`s blood. One of them manages to bite Bella and break her leg. Edward sucks the poison out of suffering Bella, and she stays as a human being. Bella wants to live with Edward forever. She wants to become a vampire but Edward doesn’t want to change her.

There is excitement and love in the movie. I liked most of all the love Bella and Edward had and the beautiful music.

By Pauliina 6b