Our Hobbies

Veera sometimes goes riding. She goes riding here in Tampere.

Toni and Joni play floorball. They play floorball in Nokia. They play floorball three times a week. There are 16 players in one team. They have their own floorball sticks.

Siiri goes skating here in Tampere in different places. She goes skating three times a week. She skates with a group of girls. She needs skates.

Henna goes dancing in Ylöjärvi. She dances hip hop. She goes dancing on Mondays and Tuesdays. Meri-Tuuli dances, too. She dances hip hop and modern dance here in Tampere. She goes dancing twice a week. Roosa dances hip hop, too. She dances at home; she’s danced at school and in Ireland, too. Ilona likes dancing, too.

Jerica plays icehockey here in Tampere. She’s played it for four years. Her team is HC Nokia. She plays both in girls’ and boys’ team. She needs her own skates, icehockey stick, gloves, and pads.

Verna likes singing. She sings at home, and only in English. Meri-Tuuli likes singing, too. She sings at home. Ilona and Roosa sing at home, too.

Onni does tricking. He does it indoors in Ikuri, in Tampere. He goes tricking on Saturdays.

Saana sings in the choir.

Johannes does parkour indoors in Koivistonkylä, in Tampere. He does parkour with a club. He does spins and rolls on their track.

Johannes plays the drums in Ylöjärvi. He has private lessons there. He’s played the drums for about three months.

Ville and Sini like swimming. They don’t swim in a club but go to the swimming pool on their own. Johannes used to swim in a club.

Ilona loves taking photos. She is going to go on a course. Ilona has her own camera. Johannes and Sini love taking photos, too.

Roni plays football in a club called TPV. He has played football for seven years. He needs football boots when he plays. His club colours are red, white and green. He practises five times a week. Samuel plays football, too. He has changed his team.

Katariina does gymnastics in a club called Tampereen voimistelijat. She practises three times a week.

Nelli goes to girl guides once a week. She goes on camps where they sleep in the forest. They have to learn to use a compass and a map.

Siiri plays tennis. She has tennis lessons here in Tampere twice a week. There are six people on the course who she plays with.

by Class 5b


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