Our Hobbies (2)

Siiri does cheerleading. She trains in a club called Tampereen Sisu. She trains twice a week. Each training takes an hour and a half or two hours. The training takes place in Ikuri Sport Centre. There are twenty girls in her team. Siiri has trained for a year. She needs special shoes, cheerleading shoes, for the training.

Kristiina does track and field. She trains twice a week. She trains running, long jump, high jump, shotput, and javelin. Kristiina’s club is Pyrintö. She trains in the centre of Tampere, in Ratina.

Reetta and Sanni do dancing. Reetta and Sanni both do streetdance. They both go to Hip Hop House. Reetta and Sanni have practice once a week. There are about ten dancers in their group.

Kira plays basketball. She has played for nine years. Raholan Pyrkivä is her club. There are ten players in her team. The team has practise five times a week. There is a match every second weekend.

Väinö does downhill skiing. He’s practised for about seven years. He goes to Central Finland, to Jyväskylä, to practise. He goes on skiing camps. He sometimes travels to Austria or to Italy to ski. He also competes. JHS is his club and the club provides the skiers with helmets and skis. Juho goes downhill skiing as well. His family has a cabin near Himos Skiing Centre in Central Finland.

Luukas plays floorball in a club called Classic. He has his training at Hyhky School once a week. There are ten floorball players in the team. Luukas has his own floorball stick.

Julia does gymnastics. She has done it for three years. Her club’s name is Meea. She has her practise at Ikuri Sports Centre four times a week.

Axel goes swimming. He’s trained for two years. He trains six times a week. His team is Nokian Pyry, and he has his practise in the Nokia swimming pool. He needs swimming trunks, goggles, a swimcap, flippers, and hand paddles.

Milja plays football in a club called TPV. She has training twice a week. There are eighteen girls in her team. She goes to Pirkkahalli for her training. Milja has played football for seven years. Jarkko plays football in TPV, too.

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