Visitors from the City of Mwanza

The teacher visitors from Tanzania are Mr Ilanga Edson and Mrs Edna Kidudo. They work at two different schools in the centre of Mwanza: at Mabatini Primary School and at Mirongo Primary School in Mwanza, Tanzania. There are 600 pupils at Mirongo Primary School. Ilanga Edson likes football very much: he used to be a goalkeeper. Girls don’t play football as much as boys: they play netball. Mrs Kidudo likes horses but they are not common in Tanzania: people don’t go horseback riding in Tanzania. People don’t ride camels either: there are no camels in Tanzania. The guests like animals such as giraffes, cows, elephants, and lions. The giraffe is Mrs Kidudo’s favourite animal. She has a dog and a cat, too. The dog is called Simba (=lion). Usually people start working at the age of 18 in Tanzania, but sometimes sooner in the care of their family members. The guests both like traditional music or gospel music with drums. In the City of Mwanza water comes into the houses from Lake Victoria but not in the countryside. Edna Kidudo likes swimming. Ilanga Edson does somersaults and sings gospel. Ugali is a popular food in Tanzania: it is maize porridge, which can be eaten with vegetables. The guests know who Usain Bolt and Lionel Messi are: they have seen them on TV.

Edna Kidudo and Ilanga Edson interviewed by Class 4b on March 20, 2014

Information about Tanzania:

Tanzania is about three times as big as Finland with about 945 000 square kilometres. There are about 45 million inhabitants in Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam is the business centre. Dodoma is the capital with about one million inhabitants. The City of Mwanza is in Northern Tanzania, by Lake Victoria, which is the biggest lake in Africa. You can swim in Lake Victoria but not in the crocodile area. There are many other smaller lakes in Tanzania. There are about one million inhabitants in Mwanza. Orange and pear trees can be grown in gardens. Mostly bananas and oranges grow on plantations. The Great Rift Valley goes through Tanzania, and that can cause earthquakes. Lions and elephants don’t wander around the cities: they stay in the national parks in the north. The most famous national parks are called Ngorongoro and Serengeti. The highest mountain in Africa is in Tanzania, and it’s called Mount Kilimanjaro: it is 5 895 metres high. The deepest lake in Africa is also in Tanzania, and it’s called Lake Tanganyika: its deepest spot is 1 470 metres deep. There are minerals in Tanzania such as diamonds. The temperature in Mwanza is from +25 degrees to +35 degrees, Dar es Salaam is the hottest city. Tanzania is not particularly dangerous but you have to watch out for your belongings in big cities in crowds.

Edna Kidudo and Ilanga Edson interviewed by Class 5a on March 20, 2014. Information added by Class 4a on March 21, 2014.


Mrs Edna Kidudo and Mr Ilanga Edson doing a blog at Lamminpää School

Mrs Edna Kidudo and Mr Ilanga Edson doing a blog at Lamminpää School

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